Annual Investigation of Nationwide Mobility Trends: “The Pulse of The Nation” on the 3 Revolutions

The investigators propose an annual data collection to investigate the rapid changes in individual attitudes, travel choices, use of shared-mobility services, including ridehailing, carsharing, bikesharing, e-scooter sharing and their impacts on the use of other travel modes, the propensity towards autonomous vehicle (AV) adoption and interest in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions in various regions of the US and among various groups of users. The study will complement other existing initiatives at UC Davis, including the California Mobility Panel Study, and will provide critical information on quickly changing travel behavior patterns, which would be difficult to measure with less frequent data collections. Researchers will administer annual repeated cross-sectional surveys in selected metropolitan areas and smaller regions across the nation, allowing them to monitor these disruptive mobility trends and study the maturation of their effects over time. The study will shed light on the evolving impacts of new mobility options on various components of travel behavior and vehicle ownership, how these solutions expand travel options and the circumstances under which travelers increase travel multimodality and may reduce their reliance on the use of private vehicles, as well as the rapidly changing attitudes toward vehicle automation and the use of shared vs. privately-owned AVs.


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