Annual Investigation of Nationwide Mobility Trends: “The Pulse of The Nation” on the 3 Revolutions

  • Principal Investigator Giovanni Circella, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
The study will shed light on the evolving impacts of new mobility options on various components of travel behavior and vehicle ownership, how these solutions expand travel options and the circumstances under which travelers increase travel multimodality and may reduce their reliance on the use of private vehicles.
Project Status

Curbside Management Is Critical for Minimizing Emissions and Congestion

Research Product Type
Policy Brief
Researchers at the University of California, Davis conducted a review of practices in curbside management, and they conducted simulations to evaluate the impact of different management and design strategies on travel time, congestion, vehicle travel, and emissions in residential, commercial, and mixed-use neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Dataset: Dynamic Ride-Sharing with HOV Lanes and Meeting Points

Research Product Type
This data is from the project, Dynamic Routing for Ridesharing. The data is randomly generated within grids where each unit of the grid represents a 1-mile by 1-mile square. It is used to generate the origins and destinations of passengers.