Addressing the Uncertainty in the Outcomes of On-Demand Ride-Hailing and Sustainable Transportation in Transportation Planning and Policy

The evolving landscape of on-demand ride-hailing services may improve mobility, and reduce congestion, vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and emissions; or may exacerbate these transportation challenges. This uncertainty makes it difficult to take actions related to these new services in transportation planning and policy. This project utilizes interview data collected from 42 transportation professionals throughout California to investigate what transportation professionals are doing to limit the potential negative consequences of ride-hailing services. The researcher will also explore what transportation professionals view as major hurdles to establishing policies that will enable the most sustainable and equitable outcomes from these new services. Understanding the ability of different types of stakeholders to take action on these topics, and addressing the hurdles identified as barriers to integrating these services with existing transportation challenges, is an important aspect of policy making going forward, and this project will provide these important insights.


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