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Annual Investigation of Nationwide Mobility Trends: “The Pulse of The Nation” on the 3 Revolutions

  • Principal Investigator Giovanni Circella, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
The study will shed light on the evolving impacts of new mobility options on various components of travel behavior and vehicle ownership, how these solutions expand travel options and the circumstances under which travelers increase travel multimodality and may reduce their reliance on the use of private vehicles.
Project Status
In Progress

Caltrans Sustainable Freight Academy

  • Principal Investigator Thomas O'Brien, Ph.D.
  • California State University Long Beach
This project will involve the design and implement two four-day in-person Sustainable Freight Academies for Caltrans during calendar year 2021.
Project Status
In Progress

Data Management Plan, Info, & Guidance

The NCST is required to comply with the requirements of the USDOT Public Access Plan, which establishes objectives to ensure public access to Publications and Digital Data Sets arising from DOT-managed research and development programs. Learn more about how to comply with this requirement as a NCST researcher.

Dataset: Identifying Roadway Physical Characteristics that Contribute to Emissions Differences between Hybrid and Conventional Vehicles

Research Product Type
A second-by-second data set obtained from monitoring vehicle emissions over a series of 75 test runs from 2 test vehicles over an 18-month period during real-world on-road operations was used to assess emissions differences between two propulsion systems and attribute these differences to physical roadway/infrastructure characteristics.

Incentive Systems for New Mobility Services

  • Principal Investigator Meisam Razaviyayn, Ph.D.
  • University of Southern California
In this research, investigators will study and develop mechanisms for offering incentives to organizations and companies to change the behavior of individual drivers in their organization.
Project Status
In Progress