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Air Research Board Research Seminar: Modeling Household Vehicle and Transportation Choice and Usage – Part A: Factors Related to Voluntary Choice of Low Vehicle Ownership and Usage

This seminar is based off a study that analyzed travel survey and attitudinal data to investigate the impact of household demographics, individual attitudes, and residential location on vehicle ownership and usage decisions in California.

Alternative Vehicle Supply and Demand, and the Effects of Government Policy

  • Principal Investigator Yuan Chen
  • University of California, Davis
This dissertation presents an econometric model to measure supply and demand within the Chinese vehicle market. The model will be significant for industry, particularly car manufacturers interested in better targeting cars, including alternative vehicles, for the Chinese market.
Project Status

Annual Investigation of Nationwide Mobility Trends: “The Pulse of The Nation” on the 3 Revolutions

  • Principal Investigator Giovanni Circella, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
The study will shed light on the evolving impacts of new mobility options on various components of travel behavior and vehicle ownership, how these solutions expand travel options and the circumstances under which travelers increase travel multimodality and may reduce their reliance on the use of private vehicles.
Project Status
In Progress

Personal Vehicle Ownership and Operating Cost Calculator

  • Principal Investigator Daejin Kim
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
This project developed a tool that can help the public better understand the total cost of owning and operating a personal vehicle over the lifetime of that vehicle, from vehicle purchase to vehicle disposal.
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State of the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Market: Report I

Research Product Type
Research Report

This is the first of two reports that gauges the extent to which car-owning households in California have considered purchasing plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), battery electric vehicles (