Dataset: Technology Review and Roadmap for Inventorying Complete Streets for Integration into Pavement Asset Management Systems

Complete Streets provide mobility for all modes of transportation including active transportation.   Complete Streets are being implemented in the US and transportation agencies must maintain these assets, which requires bringing them into asset management systems. Many gaps exist to include Complete Streets in asset management, and there is no comprehensive plan for filling those gaps. This project developed a road map to fill those gaps. To create this roadmap, the study completed the following tasks: 1) develop and refine a survey 2) perform national and in-depth surveys, 3) synthesize survey outcomes, 4) identify current statuses, challenges, and needs, and 5) develop a roadmap for Complete Streets asset management. All 50 state Department of Transportations participated in the national survey while Caltrans, Georgia DOT, and the Atlanta and Washoe County Metropolitan Planning Organizations contributed to the in-depth survey. This report synthesizes the outcomes of the surveys and literature review. The survey results showed that many agencies have some Complete Streets guidance (39/50), but far less have a dedicated liaison or office (15/40), and only seven agencies have Complete Streets performance measures. The three primary challenges are: 1) inadequate funding related to organizational structure 2) the need for a rating system, and 3) the need for improved data accessibility, collection methods, and management techniques. The proposed roadmap includes asset management development and improved data collection and analysis pathways. The roadmap is intended to be used as a starting point for the incorporation of Complete Streets into asset management.