Technology Review and Roadmap for Inventorying Complete Streets for Integration into Pavement Asset Management Systems

Transportation agencies need cost effective methods to inventory roadway and roadside complete streets features. Pavement management systems are being continuously improved by technology to sense, identify, and inventory pavement and roadside features for maintenance planning and design. Technology used by all state DOTs and some local agencies, primarily larger cities and counties, consists of sensors, location referencing, and automated or semiautomated feature assessment software mounted on vehicles for rapid, comprehensive network inventorying. Inventorying complete streets’ features, such as striping, designated bike lanes, bike paths, vehicle barriers, sidewalks, curb ramps, and signage, and safety concerns such as drainage inlets, is essential for the objective assessment of their existence, functionality and performance, and ADA compliance. Cost-effective inventory methods for these feature types have not yet been fully developed for full network surveys. This research will develop a comprehensive list of features and types that should be inventoried through interaction with complete streets and asset management experts, review of the methods and technologies currently used for complete streets features, identification of technology gaps (including the areas for enhanced data processing and analysis and where manual methods must be used), and preparation of a road map for development and implementation in pavement management systems.


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