Dataset: Transit payment preferences of unbanked passengers

Research Product Type
The California Integrated Travel Project aims to allow transit users to pay for transit throughout the state of California with whichever card based, or electronic means of payment they prefer. However, for some passengers some of these options are not available. In this study the research team explores how these un and underbanked passengers will be able to access open payment systems.

Simulating the Effects of Shared Automated Vehicles and Benefits to Low-Income Communities in Los Angeles

Research Product Type
Policy Brief
Researchers at the University of California, Davis and the Technical University of Berlin evaluated questions around the impacts of automated vehicles by simulating three scenarios in the Westside Cities area using an open-source, dynamic, agent-based travel model called MATSim, then calculated the benefits of each scenario compared to the base case for various income groups.

Sustainable Sidewalk Infrastructure for Atlanta, Georgia

  • Principal Investigator Randall Guensler, Ph.D.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
This reserch will quantify sustainable sidewalk infrastructure costs for the City of Atlanta, assuming a 40-year life-cycle for repair and replacement.
Project Status
In Progress