Webinar: Making Bicycling Comfortable: Identifying minimum infrastructure needs using a video survey

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Making Bicycling Comfortable: 
Identifying minimum infrastructure needs using a video survey


Dillon Fitch, Co-Director, BicyclingPlus Research Collaborative, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis

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Understanding what environments are comfortable (and perceived as safe) for bicyclists is essential for increasing bicycling, particularly for non-experienced riders. In this webinar, Dr. Dillon Fitch uses results from a video survey to discuss the limitations of on-road bicycling infrastructure, and the range of effects person- and road-level attributes have on bicycling comfort. He also uses the survey data to identify minimum on-road infrastructure needed to support comfortable bicycling.

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Dillon Fitch is the co-director of the BicyclingPlus Research Collaborative at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies. At BicyclingPlus Dillon focuses on bridging disciplines and institutions in studying bicycle mobility and emerging forms of micromobility. His published work spans travel behavior and transportation planning, and he has current projects on micromobility service users and estimating benefits of active transportation projects. Dillon received a BA in Political Science from UC Irvine, MS from San Diego State in Geography, and PhD in Transportation Technology and Policy from UC Davis.

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