BikewaySim Technology Transfer: City of Atlanta, Georgia

  • Principal Investigator Kari E. Watkins, Ph.D.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
This project will develop a shortest path calculator that can identify the relative travel cost across routes for a case study subarea within the City of Atlanta.
Project Status
In Progress

Dataset: 2020 Critical Update to Caltrans Wildfire Vulnerability Analysis

Research Product Type
The data and materials presented here support a research project conducted by UC Davis in support of Caltrans, a transportation agency that is conducting a wildfire vulnerability risk assessment for fuels reduction in the right of Way (ROW) to protect Caltrans’ infrastructure and travelers.

Dataset: VISSIM and real-world eco-approach and departure comparison

Research Product Type
This data are output from PTV VISSIM via application programming interfaces (APIs). The files are in .csv format. The contents of each file include vehicle ID, vehicle speed (in mph), MOVES estimate of fuel consumption (in grams), and CMEM estimate of fuel consumption (in grams) on the basis of one simulation time step (1 Hz).