2017 International Cycling Safety Conference

Event Date

UC Davis Conference Center

Event Overview

The 6th annual International Cycling Safety Conference was held for the first time outside of Europe in 2017 in Davis, California, USA, the “Bicycling Capital of the United States”. The conference brought together an international group to discuss the most relevant topics on the safety of bicycling.

Davis, California is the preeminent cycling city in the USA. It was the first city in the USA to install bike lanes on city streets (1967), motivated by similar infrastructure in Holland. It has the highest cycling trip mode share in the country, at about 22% of trips by bicycle. There are more bicycle paths and lanes per capita in Davis than in any other US city. For 50 years, the city and university campus has insisted on bike friendly development, maintaining connectivity to the existing infrastructure.

The conference promoted maximal interaction between participants through topical social sessions and interactive presentations. On provided rental bicycles, the attendees will tour the existing and planned bicycle infrastructure around town and culminate in a conference dinner at the US Bicycle Hall of Fame which includes a 19th Century bicycle history museum. Additionally, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of bicycle lanes in the United States with the city.


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