Webinar: Cost-Sharing Mechanisms for Ride-Sharing

In this webinar, the desirable properties of a good cost-sharing mechanism will be identified and specific mechanisms proposed for the static scenario where all information for the passengers is known in advance.

Webinar: Wildlife Behavior in Response to Traffic Disturbance

Traffic impacts on wildlife behavior are largely unknown, but may be the primary determinant of wildlife distribution in response to fragmentation from roads. This webinar will present findings from 3 years of research by the Road Ecology Center at the University of California, Davis on the distribution of wildlife relative to highways and their behavior in response to instantaneous traffic disturbance.

Webinar: The Many Benefits of Reducing Car Dependence

This webinar synthesizes existing research on the many household- and community-level benefits of reducing car dependence, especially when it is done through land use and transportation planning that promotes alternative travel modes.