Webinar: Uncovering the Impacts of the Federal Tax Credit on EV Leasing and Purchasing

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To mitigate climate change and air pollution, multiple US states and other countries have been setting and adjusting goals and policies aimed at shifting sales from conventional, fossil-fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. A key to developing or adjusting these policies is understanding how financial incentives affect consumers’ decisions to purchase or lease PEVs (defined as plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicles).

Much of the published research on incentives explores their impact on vehicle purchasing but not leasing. However, leasing is important to the PEV market for several reasons: it can lower the up-front cost of PEV acquisition since consumers receive the credit at the point of payment rather than when filing taxes; it allows consumers to try the technology over a shorter “ownership” period; and it increases the turnover of PEVs on the road, creating a supply of used PEVs faster than purchasing could.

In this webinar, Dr. Gil Tal, Director of the EV Research Center at UC Davis, and PhD student Kelly Hoogland shared analysis on survey responses from approximately 7,000 California PEV drivers. The research aims to provide a better understanding of the impact of financial incentives on PEV leasing and purchasing.

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Gil Tal holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Technology and Policy from UC Davis, and an M.A. in geography and environmental policy and planning from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Between 2008 and 2010 Dr. Tal was a post-doctoral researcher with the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies and the UC Transportation Center at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Tal’s research focuses on electric vehicle policy, travel behavior, and EV supply chain dynamics. His expertise encompasses various segments of the electric vehicle market, including light duty, heavy duty, and transit sectors and studying the impact of incentives and infrastructure in the global electric vehicle market. Looking forward, Dr. Tal’s research delves into the electrification of emerging mobility services and the integration of electric vehicles and automated vehicles in developed economies and the global south, with a keen focus on their significant impacts on the electric grid.

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Kelly Hoogland is a 3rd year Ph.D. candidate in Transportation Technology and Policy at UC Davis, and earned a masters in energy systems at UC Davis in 2021. Kelly is interested in exploring the barriers and possible solutions to achieving widespread electric vehicle adoption, and researches topics related to incentives, infrastructure, and disadvantaged communities.

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