Developing Markets for Clean Heavy-Duty Trucks in Short-Haul Applications

California is pursuing multiple policies to spur the transition to a cleaner heavy-duty vehicle fleet. Achieving these targets will require massive change in the heavy-duty short-haul industry, and many unanswered questions remain. How do battery-electric heavy-duty trucks compare to diesel in everyday short-haul operations? How much would it cost to transition to a zero-emission truck fleet, and who would pay?

To begin to answer these questions, researchers at the National Center for Sustainable Transportation conducted a comprehensive analysis of the potential for zero-emission or near-zero-emission heavy-duty trucks to be used in short-haul drayage services. The researchers considered operational, economic, and environmental impacts through simulation modeling, interviews, case studies, stated preference surveys, and cost-effectiveness analyses. This policy brief summarizes the findings from that research and provides policy implications.