Developing Markets for Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) in Goods Movement

Zero-emission and near-zero emission trucks in goods movement face many challenges in achieving a meaningful market penetration, including limited range and long refueling time to compete with conventional diesel trucks. The researchers will examine the potential for zero-emission and near-zero emission truck technologies from both economic and environmental perspectives, focusing on their use in short-haul drayage service.

This project will be completed in two phases. In Phase 1, researchers will use simulation models to estimate the impacts of using zero emission vehicles relative to conventional diesel trucks, and estimate the purchase and operation costs for various scenarios to identify the best potential markets. In Phase 2, researchers will use the results from Phase 1 to evaluate policies and develop recommendations to promote zero and near-zero emission trucks, including direct subsidies and revenue sources to support them as well as other financial and regulatory incentives. Researchers will use over 60 SCAQMD electric and hybrid electric drayage trucks as demonstration vehicles for this project.


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