Applying Topological Data Analysis to Logistics Systems Analysis

  • Principal Investigator John Carlsson
  • University of Southern California
The purpose of this project is to apply computational tools from topological data analysis (TDA) to study the logistics systems in the state of California and the USA, with an emphasis on freight networks.
Project Status
In Progress

Congestion Reduction Through Efficient Empty Container Movement Under Stochastic Demand

Research Product Type
Research Report
n this work, the authors developed a scheduling assignment for loaded and empty containers that builds on earlier models but incorporates stochastic (random) future demand. This report shows that the truck miles needed to satisfy the demand at all locations is reduced by about 4-7% when considering future stochastic demand as opposed to only considering today’s demand.

Curbside Management Is Critical for Minimizing Emissions and Congestion

Research Product Type
Policy Brief
Researchers at the University of California, Davis conducted a review of practices in curbside management, and they conducted simulations to evaluate the impact of different management and design strategies on travel time, congestion, vehicle travel, and emissions in residential, commercial, and mixed-use neighborhoods in San Francisco.