Monitoring Vehicle Miles Traveled Reduction Claims in Local Development Review

In response to SB 743, California is in the process of shifting from a focus on level-of-service to a focus on reductions in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in the environmental review process under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This shift has created many challenges for transportation analysts, given the lack of established practice with respect to VMT estimation and mitigation. This project will first assess the current state-of-the-practice with respect to VMT estimation and mitigation by examining a sample of environmental documents for recent development projects. A second phase will identify the tools/methods for estimating VMT impacts being adopted by California cities and any plans for monitoring VMT impacts. A third phase will develop a recommended method or methods for monitoring VMT impacts and assessing the efficacy of VMT reduction strategies. The project will contribute to the successful implementation of SB 743.


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