Making Bicycling Comfortable: Identifying Minimum Infrastructure Needs by Population Segment using a Video Survey

Principal Investigator: Susan Handy | University of California, Davis
Research Team: Dillon Fitch | University of California, Davis

Understanding what environments are comfortable for bicyclists is essential for increasing bicycling, particularly for non-experienced riders. In this study the researchers propose to use surveys to collect people’s qualitative perceptions about bicycling environments to analyze bicycling comfort and its relationship with socio-demographics, bicycling attitudes, and bicycling behavior. The researchers will use an existing survey of students, faculty, and staff at UC Davis who rated video clips of bicycling environments based on their perceived comfort. These results will help show the infrastructure minimums needed for most people to bicycle comfortably. In addition, the researchers expect to identify groups of people (types of bicyclists) by their comfort needs. This research will inform policy decisions pertaining to road design, bicycle planning, and investment needs for bicycling to become a mainstream travel mode in US cities and improve mobility for disadvantaged populations.

Status: In Progress
NCST Grant Cycle: NCST Caltrans 2018-2019
Funding: $94,182.00
Sponsors: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

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