Will Autonomous Vehicles and Shared Mobility Create a Better Future?

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Rayburn House Office Building – Room 2167, 50 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC


Dan Sperling – Co-Director, National Center for Sustainable Transportation, UC Davis


Matthew Barth – Director, Center for Environmental Research and Technology, UC Riverside
Emily Castor – Director of Transportation Policy, Lyft
Russ Brooks – Director of Smart Cities, Transportation for America

Event Overview

Transportation is on the cusp of a revolution. More models of electric vehicles are being offered than ever before. New app-based mobility services, such as Uber and Lyft, are now part of our daily transportation lexicon. And if these two innovations were not enough, cue the entrance of autonomous vehicles. The convergence of new mobility services with autonomous (and potentially electric) vehicles has the potential to significantly shape our lives and communities for the better though this outcome is not promised. The panel discussed innovative ideas and partnerships already forming around these three transportation revolutions, shared the latest scientific insights on potential public benefits and impacts, and explored the role of the federal government in shaping the roll-out of a new transportation paradigm.

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