Multi-Hazard Resilience Quantification in Interdependent Civil Infrastructure Systems

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Elise Miller-Hooks- Professor & Hazel Chair in Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University

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Secure and functioning civil infrastructure systems are of paramount importance to society. To ensure that effective services can be provided in a disaster’s aftermath enabling society to recover, agencies charged with designing, constructing, managing and operating these systems must invest in measures that prevent or mitigate the effects of disaster incidents and less major disruptions. This talk described developed mathematical tools for quantifying the maximum resilience level of transportation networks and simultaneously determining the optimal set of mitigation, preparedness and recovery actions necessary to achieve this level. Transportation networks are interconnected with other critical lifelines, including power, telecommunications, water and wastewater. Together, they support societal functions, such as the provision of healthcare, within building infrastructure networks. Ongoing research in this area of interdependency characterization in resilience quantification for transportation and infrastructure-based societal systems through stochastic modeling will also be presented.

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