Growing Cities For Financial and Neighborhood Sustainability

January 22, 2016


Davis City Hall, City Council Chambers
2600 5th Street, Davis, CA


Charles Marohn – Founder and Executive Director, Strong Towns

Event Overview

This event is one of a series being organized by the Davis Futures Forum, a collaboration between planners, academics, and community leaders and residents to develop a common language about the issues facing Davis over the long term — in the face of our current and future economic and environmental challenges. This presentation will explore how Davis can use public data to grow in a way that allows us to become financially strong as well as socially and environmentally resilient. More Specifically:

  • What is the connection between the physical design of cities and their fiscal sustainability?
  • How can our community leverage the investments we’ve made that make Davis a great place to live to assure financial sustainability—without destroying those same features?
  • What data can be used to build community consensus in Davis?

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