FISTS 2024: Forum for Innovative Sustainable Transportation Systems

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Bourns Technology Center, Riverside, CA

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Forum for Innovative Sustainable Transportation Systems (FISTS) 2024

Event Overview

The Forum for Innovative Sustainable Transportation Systems (FISTS) is a prestigious platform proudly sponsored by the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS). The goal of FISTS is to bring together world leaders in Intelligent Transportation Systems with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Papers will cover technological solutions, demonstrations, and policy. A variety of transportation modes will be addressed, including on-road vehicles, transit systems, shared mobility, and freight systems. Topics include:

  • Carbon-Neutral Transportation Solutions 
  • Eco-Friendly Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Connected and Automated Vehicles Designed for Environmental Sustainability
  • Sustainable Freight
  • Sustainable Water Transportation
  • Sustainable Aviation
  • Renewable Energy Related to Transportation
  • Zero-Emission Vehicles and Infrastructure
  • Micro-mobility and Shared Mobility
  • Environmental Impacts of Transportation
  • Transportation Efficiency
  • Integrated Systems Toward Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

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