Local Government Pavement Research, Development and Implementation Organization in Other States

Local governments bear responsibility for 80% of the roadway pavement lane-miles in California, which carry 45% of the vehicle miles traveled. However, these governments face a growing backlog of projects, and need new approaches to reduce the costs of preservation, maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction.  They also need help improving their staff’s knowledge of the most cost-efficient and lowest environmental impact approaches to those tasks, and they need it delivered in ways that meet their needs.  Currently, California does not have a well-organized systematic approach for delivering this technical content to local governments, but several other states do.  For example, Minnesota and Iowa have strong programs, and there is the potential that other states also have models California can learn from, in terms of finance and governance as well as delivery.  This white paper project canvases other states to develop a summary of best practices and gaps in other states’ approaches for delivering technical pavement management content to local governments, and recommends an approach for California.  The results of this white paper are also applicable to states other than California.


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