Local Finance and Planning Mechanisms for Transit-Oriented Development, Transit, and Active Transport

Principal Investigator: Elisa Barbour | University of California, Davis
Co-Principal Investigator(s): Susan Handy | University of California, Davis

Numerous state policies endorse coordinated planning for transit-oriented development (TOD) and provision of transit and active transport (AT) amenities, to help achieve California’s sustainability goals. Recently, localities have received new authority for developing local infrastructure financing districts. Requirements for environmental review and mitigation of transport-related impacts of development have been changed in ways that may prompt cities to revisit transportation funding methods. New state programs direct more funds toward transit/AT and TOD, even as state goals for environmentally-efficient development have been made more ambitious. In this context, policymakers need to understand how and whether localities are developing effective financing and planning strategies for TOD and transit/AT. Systematic research on this topic is lacking, for example, on the extent of local adoption of development impact fees for multimodal transport. This project will address the lack of systematic research on the topic by (1) identifying common TOD and transit/AT financing tools-in-use, (2) conducting a survey and interviews with local planners, (3) analyzing findings in connection to characteristics and motivations distinguishing localities, and (4) assessing financing and planning strategies more intensively in case study cities useful for considering best practices.

Status: In Progress
NCST Grant Cycle: NCST Caltrans 2018-2019
Funding: $91,619.00
Sponsors: California Department of Transportation

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