Evaluating Equity and Effectiveness in Vermont’s Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive Programs

This project will evaluate the effectiveness and equity of electric vehicle (EV) incentive programs in Vermont. Vermont launched an EV incentive program in late 2019 providing subsidies between $1,500 and $4,000 for the purchase of new EVs by Vermont residents. Eligibility and subsidy amounts depend on vehicle type (plug-in or all electric) and income. The Vermont EV subsidy program offers a unique opportunity to evaluate the performance of EV incentive programs in a rural context where the market penetration of EVs is generally lower and barriers to EV adoption are likely to differ from those in urban areas. The project will evaluate individuals and households who have participated in Vermont’s EV incentive program along with a sample of those who have recently purchased a new vehicle but have not participated in the program. Information collected from individuals and households purchasing new vehicles will be used to evaluate knowledge of the state’s EV incentive program, how the program influences vehicle purchase decisions and remaining barriers to EV adoption for those in the new vehicle market. The information collected will also be used to evaluate program equity by evaluating differences in barriers and estimating program participation rates across rural and urban communities and for households within different socioeconomic and demographic groups.