Evaluating Alternative Strategies for Traffic Reduction in Los Angeles

Even if post COVID-19 employers provide increased opportunities for telecommuting, Los Angeles traffic will likely continue to be a major problem. This past February, Los Angeles METRO announced that it is exploring a new approach to tackle congestion, considering congestion pricing coupled with more high-quality transportation options. Several proposals have been discussed: one option consists of introducing a cordon toll around downtown L.A. Another option includes reducing traffic between the L.A. basin and the San Fernando Valley. Yet another would focus on reducing traffic along the I-10 corridor between Santa Monica and downtown L.A. Using big-data from a rich network of detectors located on all freeways in Los Angeles that measure in real-time speed and flow (that is, car counts), this project will rely on statistical methods and interactive visualization techniques to develop a practical tool for policymakers to infer the effects of alternative strategies for reducing traffic congestion in Los Angeles. 


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