Assessing VTrans Employee Retention: Who stays, who leaves and what do to about it

Principal Investigator: Glenn McRae | The University of Vermont

Employee retention is a critical issue for organizations of all types, and public sector groups such as Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) are no exception. Not only can the costs of recruitment, training and orientation approach 100% of the annual salary for the position being filled, but work disruption and loss of organizational memory can impact organization performance. VTrans leadership has also cited knowledge management and succession planning as critical to the agency’s future effectiveness.

Workforce retention and knowledge management does not follow a “one size fits all” approach and there is no magic formula for eliminating employee turnover. Too often, organizational leaders identify and attempt to fix what is perceived to be the retention problem, without a solid base of understanding. An individualized organizational approach, as proposed in this study, based on systematic and evidence-based methods, can best determine the real state of retention and knowledge management at VTrans. This understanding, along with VTrans leadership involvement, can then lead to the development of specific action steps that can be put in place at VTrans to impact the broader aspects of both talent and knowledge management. Knowledge management practices in turn will help proactively manage workforce transitions.

Status: In Progress
Funding: $112,000
Sponsors: Vermont Agency of Transportation

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