Career Pathways for Transportation Sector Climate Adaption Professionals

  • Principal Investigator Jonathan Dowds
  • University of Vermont
This project documents key skill profiles and competency sets needed for a career in transportation sector climate adaptation, as well as the educational and training opportunities available for developing these proficiencies.
Project Status
In Progress

Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning: Agency Roles and Workforce Development

Research Product Type
Policy Brief
This policy brief summarizes findings from the Climate Adaptation Planning Survey, an online survey of planners conducted in June 2015, that assessed the adaptation planning capacity, the adequacy of technical tools, and current preparation levels of local and state agencies as they focus their work on adaptation to climate change.

Climate Adaption for State DOTS and Local Agencies

  • Principal Investigator Lisa Aultman-Hall, Ph.D.
  • University of Vermont
This white paper reviews the state of the practice and knowledge for climate adaptation processes at state departments of transportation and local transportation agencies. It also has interviews with stakeholders and reviews of recent literature.
Project Status