Permeable Pavement Workshop

NOVEMBER 14-15, 2017


Davis, California, USA – Odd Fellows Lodge
415 2nd Street, Davis, CA 95616


The University of California Pavement Research Center will host a Permeable Pavement Workshop on November 14th and 15th to identify knowledge, information, and communication barriers to adoption of permeable pavement of all types.


The workshop chairs prepared a summary report of the workshop, as well as additional development of a road map to address and overcome knowledge, information, and communication barriers to adoption of permeable pavement of all types. It presents the organization of the workshop, summaries of the presentations and the breakout and plenary discussions, and the final road map developed from the results of the workshop. The report, “Permeable Pavement Road Map Workshop and Proposed Road Map for Permeable Pavement”, can be accessed here.


November 14 1pm – 5pm
November 15 8am – 5pm


This workshop seeks to bring together the stormwater and pavement communities to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the gaps in knowledge, processes and guidance. Thinking about permeable pavement and stormwater in light of climate change projections is also on the table.

Please review our draft agenda. More details coming soon.


Workshop presentations, program and questions developed are now available on the City and County Pavement Improvement Center (CCPIC) website: (CCPIC)


John T. Harvey
UC Pavement Research Center
(510) 206-8349
David J. Jones
UC Pavement Research Center
(530) 754-4421
David R. Smith
Technical Director, ICPI
(703) 657-6900
Brian Killingsworth
PE Executive Vice President, NRMCA
(210) 508-4923
Richard Willis
Director of Pavement Engineering & Innovation, NAPA
(301) 731-4748 ext. 117
Hui Li
Professor, Tongji University
Sponge City Project


Permeable Pavement Workshop Sponsors


Organizational Assistance

National Center for Sustainable Transportation, UC Davis
Laura Podolsky

If you have any questions, please contact John Harvey at (510) 206-8349.