2019 Dynamic Mobility Monitoring System (DyMMS) Workshop

This all-day workshop consisted of several introductory presentations and panels with participation from academia, industry, and regulatory agencies pertaining to novel approaches to reduce vehicle emissions and/or increase fuel efficiency in specific areas.
  • Bourns Technology Center, 1200 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507
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3 Revolutions Future Mobility Research Workshop

Event Overview

The 2019 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Research Workshop brought together a group of academics, planning agency members, policy makers, and private sector representatives for a series of discussions, poster sessions, presentations, and keynote talks.

Addressing Cycles of Inequality: A Talk on Mobility Justice featuring Mimi Sheller

Day One: Keynote Talk by critical mobilities scholar Mimi Sheller, author of Mobility Justice: The Politics of Movement in an Age of Extremes. Day Two: Workshop - Participants will collaborate at a closed workshop to produce an interdisciplinary mobility justice research agenda that draws on bike equity and racial justice.

Permeable Pavement Workshop

The University of California Pavement Research Center hosted a Permeable Pavement Workshop to identify knowledge, information, and communication barriers to adoption of permeable pavement of all types.
  • Odd Fellows Lodge, 415 2nd Street, Davis, CA 95616
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