2019 Dynamic Mobility Monitoring System (DyMMS) Workshop

Event Date

Bourns Technology Center, 1200 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507

Event Overview

Dynamic Mobility Monitoring Systems (DyMMS) consists of novel approaches to reduce vehicle emissions and/or increase fuel efficiency in specific areas based upon the concept of “geofencing.” A geofence is a virtual boundary that defines a specific area within a broader geographic area. When a vehicle enters the pre-defined geofenced area, the operations of the vehicle are dynamically modified in a way that lowers emissions and/or improves fuel economy. DyMMS strategies can be applied both spatially (within a specific area) as well as temporally (during a specific time period), and can be designed specifically to reduce tailpipe emissions, decrease pollutant concentrations, limit exposure of the population to pollutants, and/or lower vehicle fuel consumption.

This all-day workshop consisted of several introductory presentations and panels with participation from academia, industry, and regulatory agencies. This workshop also provided discussion sessions focused on key enabling technologies, implementation pathways, and potential new policy/regulatory structures.

More information on the DyMMS workshop can be found here.

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