Moving Towards Better Measurement and Modeling of Long Distance Travel

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Institute of Transportation Studies, Room 1103 1605 Tilia Street, Davis, CA

Event Overview

This seminar summarizes the whowhatwhere, and when of long distance travel observed in the unique sample in order to move towards a long distance tour-based approach to data collection and modeling that more fully incorporates the complexity of spatial patterns and purpose, including mixed purposes. The seminar also critically assesses what it will take to collect long distance travel data needed for the policy questions facing the national and global transportation sector. The LSOT provides many insights related to survey design that stimulate a wider discussion about how to collect overnight travel data in a way that is understandable by respondents and useful for planning. The complexity of factors influencing overnight travel behavior and the one-year plus study time frame suggest that, while passive data collection from cell phones and other devices may be used to observe spatial patterns of travel, surveys will still be needed to capture complementary details about the planning processes, motivations, trip details, and demographics.

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