California Integrated Travel Conference 2018

Event Date

UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center, 232 Shields Ave, Davis, CA

Keynote Speakers

Brian Annis, Secretary of Transportation, California State Transportation Agency
Robin Chase, Transportation Entrepreneur & Author, Zipcar, Buzzcar, Veniam, and Tucows
Chad Edison, Deputy Secretary for Transportation, California State Transportation Agency
Therese McMillan, Chief Planning Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Scott Wiener, Senator, California State Senate

Event Overview

California travelers face a disaggregated transportation system that is difficult to use and that leads to high costs and declining ridership on public transport. At the same time, technology innovations are already available that make travel simple and reliable through the push of a button. While individual public transportation and planning agencies have taken significant steps towards coordinating service and modernizing some aspects of travel such as fare payment and wayfinding, California lags behind what has already happened elsewhere, and far behind what will happen in the near future as the pace of innovation and automation increase.

California has the opportunity to change the way travelers make transportation choices in our state by adopting a framework of open standards for transit data; bringing together existing and emerging transportation options to grow ridership and accommodate more riders in the system; and delivering service more effectively and with better consumer value.

This conference offered participants an opportunity to learn more about integrated travel concepts, ask questions, and provide opinion on a statewide integrated travel initiative, with a view to helping shape progress towards a trial within two years.

Conference Recording

Video recording of the California Integrated Travel Conference 2018 is available to watch here.

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