Advancing Health Through Transportation Planning: An Introduction to the Integrated Transport and Health Impact Model Tool

Event Date

Sacramento Council of Governments Boardroom, 1415 L Street #300, Sacramento, CA


Dr. James Woodcock – Senior Research Associate, Center for Diet and Activity Research, Institute of Public Health
Dr. Neil Maizlish – Research Scientist, California Department of Public Health

Event Overview

A variety of tools have been developed to understand the health impacts related to the way communities and transportation systems are planned and designed. This lunchtime event will highlight one of the tools in the toolbox called the Integrated Transport and Health Impact Model (ITHIM). State and regional agencies are using ITHIM to analyze and compare the impact of transportation scenarios on health, including changes in physical activity, road traffic injury risk, and exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) air pollution.

At this forum, participants will gain a better understanding of the history, evolution, and current use of ITHIM; hear from professionals in the field who have used ITHIM to inform policy; and engage in a discussion on future uses and directions for ITHIM. The event will feature special presentations from Dr. James Woodcock (original developer of ITHIM) and Dr. Neil Maizlish. There will also be a panel discussion featuring early users of the tool, including Vikrant Sood and Lisa Zorn from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Seth Scott with the Fresno Council of Governments (invited), and Alex Karner with Georgia Institute of Technology.

*Bonus Technical Session!

For participants interested in an under the hood look at how ITHIM works, please stay for a bonus technical session from 2:15pm – 4:00pm. This session will be held in the same location and include a more in-depth presentation from James Woodcock and Neil Maizlish on how ITHIM works, data inputs and outputs, how ITHIM interfaces with other models, and future directions and improvements of the tool. Panelists will also be available to discuss more technical aspects of using the tool, costs and staff needs for running ITHIM, and future plans and directions.

A  video recording of the bonus technical session can be found here.


Download the Advancing Health Through Transportation Planning: An Introduction to the Integrated Transport and Health Impact Model Tool presentation slides here.

To view the agenda, click here.


This event is being organized by the National Center for Sustainable Transportation and the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis in partnership with Plan4Health, which is an American Planning Association Project.



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