9th Annual Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) Conference and Workshop

Event Date

Location Bourns Technology Center, 1200 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA


This two-day event gathers leaders from all areas of portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS), including fully compliant regulatory PEMS (1065 Compliant PEMS) and small systems, which include everything from micro PEMS (uPEMS), nano PEMS (nPEMS), in-situ sensors, activity measurements (PAMS), Real Emissions Assessment and Logging (REAL), to Simple Emissions Measurement Systems (SEMS). This year’s theme will focus on “Evolving from the Laboratory to the Real World.” The conference will explore the application and benefit of all measurement systems that are portable for the characterization and compliance of internal combustion sources under in-use conditions. The idea is to accurately measure these sources where, when, and how much they occur so data driven policies can be developed to protect the climate and health.

The conference will address:

  • As connected and automated vehicles become more common in the market, how will this impact emissions measurements on-board?
  • What vision changes are there for different governments and how will this impact in-use testing?
  • What are the new on-road developments from an international perspective such as RDE?
  • What are the latest developments in compliant PEMS and non-compliant PEMS?
  • What are the benefits of portable activity measurement systems (PAMS) and prediction of in-use emissions. Are these approaches helping understand inventories and providing data driven guidance to regulations?


More information on the 9th Annual PEMS Conference and Workshop is available here.

The PEMS Conference website is available here.

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