3 Revolutions Policy Conference 2019

March 18–19, 2019

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM PDT (with Evening Receptions until 7:00 PM)


UC Davis Conference Center, 550 Alumni Ln, Davis, CA 95616


The 3 Revolution Policy Conference is the only major conference that addresses policy solutions for vehicle automation, shared mobility, and electrification. Last year’s 3 Revolutions Policy Conference sold out, with more than 350 attendees.

This year, the 3 Revolutions team is thinking bigger. Not just crowd size, but impact. They’re convening everyone with a stake in transportation—representatives of local, state, and national governments, automakers, shared mobility companies, academics, and community advocates—to build a network committed to real policy outcomes.

You are invited to join in building a path to the future. Leaders are needed from all sectors to collaborate in designing policies and practices in the best interest of society. Innovation in transportation is sweeping our cities and societies, and we must be prepared. Governments need ongoing and consistent support to hasten the adoption of electrification and shared mobility strategies and to direct automation toward the public interest. Together, we can help.


  • How to make the 3 Revolutions Work in Our Cities
  • (De) Congestion Pricing
  • Transit Partnerships that Benefit Disadvantaged Communities
  • Automated Vehicle Liability and Insurance
  • Automated Vehicle Safety in California
  • Policy Impacts to New Mobility and Automaker Business Models
  • Workforce Impacts of the Revolutions
  • Accelerating Electrification of Fleet Vehicles (Including For-Hire Vehicles)
  • Data and Privacy—Striking the Appropriate Governance Balance
  • From 5G to Self Driving: How Connectivity is Shaping the Future of Self-Driving
  • The 3 Revolutions in Rural Communities


More information on the 3 Revolutions Policy Conference is available here.