2023 OSAR Conference: Moving Towards Onboard Sensing, Analysis, and Reporting

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Riverside, California

The 12th Annual Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) workshop is being rebranded to be the Onboard Sensing, Analysis, and Reporting (OSAR) conference!

The conference is scheduled for March 30th & 31st, 2023 in Riverside, California. This conference's theme, Moving towards Onboard Sensing, Analysis, and Reporting (OSAR) focused on a wide range of measurement systems, activity measurements, as well as measurements of less traditional sources. The OSAR conference continued to cover PEMS and onboard sensing systems, ranging from fully compliant regulatory PEMS (1065 Compliant PEMS), to mini-PEMS, to smaller systems, which include everything from micro PEMS (µPEMS), nano PEMS (nPEMS), in-situ sensors, activity measurements (PAMS), Real Emissions Assessment and Logging (REAL), to Simple Emissions Measurement Systems (SEMS). This year’s conference highlighted the latest advancement in these systems, research based on making and analyzing emissions and activity with these systems, and how such systems can be used in different applications. In additional to these more traditional topics, this year conference also included a focus on activity, emissions, and/or performance measurements from less traditional sources, such as battery electric vehicles and equipment, and brake and tire measurements. This emphasis allowed the conference to address issues related to zero emission vehicle and equipment as these technologies continue to expand into the transportation sector.

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