The Current and Future Performance and Costs of Battery Electric Trucks

  • Principal Investigator Lewis Fulton, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
This white paper will review the key literature and estimates, attempt to understand the reason for differences and resolve these, undertake sensitivity analysis and a “final” robust analysis with conclusions about the best applications of BETs and where they may be very challenged to replace diesels.
Project Status
In Progress

Circularity of Lithium-Ion Battery Materials in Electric Vehicles

Research Product Type
Associated Publication
Circular economy strategies, like reuse and recycling, can reduce impacts and secure regional supplies. To understand the potential for circularity, the authors undertake a dynamic global material flow analysis of pack-level materials that includes scenario analysis for changing battery cathode chemistries and electric vehicle demand.

Evaluation of Goods Movement Battery Electric Vehicles and Port Equipment

  • Principal Investigator Chas Frederickson
  • University of California, Riverside

This project will investigate and evaluate the activity patterns and energy use of battery electric vehicles (BEV) and equipment that directly work in goods movement or work in the logistics relate

Project Status
In Progress

Integrated Modelling Program and TCO Calculator for Battery-Electric Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Deployment in Regional Freight Use-Cases

  • Principal Investigator Caleb Weed
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
This study identifies heavily-trafficked freight truck routes of optimal distances in Georgia and quantifies electrification benefits for fleets operating on these corridors by integrating outputs from MOVES Matrix, the Argonne National Laboratory’s GREET Model, the Georgia Tech Fuel and Emissions Calculator (FEC), and other models into a web-based tool.
Project Status
In Progress