Assessment of Requirements, Costs, and Benefits of Providing Battery Charging for Battery Electric Heavy-duty Trucks at Safety Roadside Rest Areas Facilities

This research will better define possibilities for and barriers to the provision of battery charging infrastructure for heavy-duty electric trucks at roadside rest areas. Caltrans maintains an extensive series of roadside rest areas throughout California that are widely used by long-haul trucks. By 2030, it is expected that a significant fraction of those trucks will be electrified and some of them will have the need for recharging their batteries away from their home base. This research will determine whether charging at roadside rest areas, especially those along interstate highways, are likely to meet the needs of the trucks that have multi-day trips. The first step in the research will be to determine whether providing the charging at the rest stops is practical for Caltrans to consider. The second step is to assess whether it is likely that the truck companies and drivers whom will have multiple options for recharging their batteries will utilize charging at rest stops.


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