Dissertation Grants

User Preferences of Bicycle Infrastructure

Principal Investigator: Calvin Clark | Georgia Institute of Technology

Development of Predictive Performance Models and Calibration of Mechanistic Empirical Design Method for Optimized Transportation Infrastructure Management, Considering Life-Cycle Costs and Environmental Impacts

Principal Investigator: Ashkan Saboori | University of California, Davis

The Effects of Light and Noise Pollution on Wildlife Use of Highway Crossing Structures

Principal Investigator: Amy Collins | University of California, Davis

Life Cycle Modeling of Technologies and Strategies for Pollution Abatement: A Study of Heavy Duty Vehicle Systems

Principal Investigator: Hanjiro Ambrose | University of California, Davis

A Simulation Study of the Efficiency of Unmarked On-Street Parking and Vehicle Downsizing

Principal Investigator: Tongxin Xu | University of California, Davis

Traffic Control Measure Impacts on Mode Choice, Energy Use, and Emissions using an Activity Based Modeling Framework and MOVES

Principal Investigator: Yingping Zhao | Georgia Institute of Technology

Advanced Transit Vehicle Modal Emissions Model for Optimizing Transit System Operations

Principal Investigator: Xiaodan Xu | Georgia Institute of Technology

A Framework for Optimizing Public Transit Bus Fleet Conversion to Alternative Fuels

Principal Investigator: Hanyan (Ann) Li | Georgia Institute of Technology

MOVES-Matrix and Distributed Computing for Region-Level Line Source Dispersion Analysis

Principal Investigator: Daejin Kim | Georgia Institute of Technology

Modeling the Impact of Road Grade on Vehicle Operation, Vehicle Energy Consumption, and Emissions

Principal Investigator: Haobing Liu | Georgia Institute of Technology

The Effects of Transportation Fuel Subsidies on Air Quality

Principal Investigator: Khaled Kheiravar | University of California, Davis

Policy, Preferences and Practicality: An Investigation into Millennial Housing Choice, and the Policies and Practicalities of Densifying Development in California

Principal Investigator: Jamie Volker | University of California, Davis

Mitigate “Bikeshare Desert” in Underserved Communities

Principal Investigator: Xiaodong Qian | University of California, Davis

Data-Driven Behavior Analysis and Implications of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Policy Studies

Principal Investigator: Wei Ji | University of California, Davis

Performance Assessment of Asphalt Mixes Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Tire Rubber

Principal Investigator: Shawn Hung | University of California, Davis

Supply, Demand, and the Effects of Government Policy in the Chinese Automobile Market

Principal Investigator: Yuan Chen | University of California, Davis

Uncovering Early Adopter’s Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Automated Vehicles: Insights from Early Adopters of Electric Vehicles in California

Principal Investigator: Rosaria Berliner | University of California, Davis

Modeling Integrated Bioenergy Supply Chain Systems Under Uncertainty

Principal Investigator: Yuanzhe Li | University of California, Davis

Spatial Accessibility, Perceived Barriers, and Visitation to National Parks

Principal Investigator: Xiao Xiao | University of Vermont

21st Century Rail Propulsion: A Case Study-Based Analysis and Comparison of Cost and Emissions Across Motive Power Technologies

Principal Investigator: Raphael Isaac | University of California, Davis

Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Biofuels: The Role of Co-products

Principal Investigator: Yizhen Zhang | University of California, Davis

Development of Particulate Matter Mass Measurement Methods for Atmospheric Air Quality Monitoring and Very Low Vehicle Emissions

Principal Investigator: Liem Pham | University of California, Riverside

Biological Conversion of Alamo Switchgrass Carbohydrates Following Co-Solvent Pretreatment

Principal Investigator: Abhishek Patri | University of California, Riverside

Understanding the Role of Transportation in Meeting California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Target: A Focus on Technology Forcing Policies, Interactions with the Electric Sector and Mitigation Costs

Principal Investigator: Saleh Zakerina | University of California, Davis

The Reciprocal Relationship between Children and Young Adults’ Travel Behavior and Their Travel Attitudes, Skills, and Norms

Principal Investigator: Calvin Thigpen | University of California, Davis

Environmental Impact Assessment of End-of-Life Strategies for Flexible Pavements and Development of a Decision Making Tool for Managing Local Roads

Principal Investigator: Arash Saboori | University of California, Davis

Estimating The Travel Behavior Effects of Technological Innovations From Cross-Sectional Observed Data: Applications To Carsharing And Telecommuting

Principal Investigator: Gouri Shankar Mishra | University of California, Davis

The Road Environment and Urban Bicycling: Psychophysiological and Behavioral Responses

Principal Investigator: Dillon Fitch | University of California, Davis

Traffic Signal Control with Dynamic Traffic Routing in a VANET Environment

Principal Investigator: Huajun Chai | University of California, Davis

What Makes Travelers Use Uber? Exploring the Latent Constructs behind the Adoption of On-demand Ride Services

Principal Investigator: Farzad Alemi | University of California, Davis

Wired for Gasoline: Consumers and Value Construction in the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Market

Principal Investigator: Jennifer L. TyreeHageman | University of California, Davis

Critical Infrastructure Systems: Distributed Decision Processes over Network and Uncertainties

Principal Investigator: Zhaomiao Guo | University of California, Davis