What Affects Millennials’ Mobility? Part I: Investigating the Environmental Concerns, Lifestyles, Mobility-Related Attitudes and Adoption of Technology of Young Adults in California

Recent research has highlighted significant modifications in travel demand, suggesting a “VMT Peak”, and a peak in car ownership among young adults in California and the rest of the United States. In order to investigate this topic, and the motivations behind these trends, this study will undertake a detailed investigation of travel behavior and the propensity to purchase a car among young adults (aged 18-30) in California. Through the assistance of a commercial vendor, the authors will develop a representative sample of the population of young adults in California, and administer an online survey developed as part of the project. The research will explore the impact of a range of factors, including personal attitudes and preferences (e.g. about travel, the adoption of technology, the adoption of alternative-fuel vehicles, social, economic and environmental issues), lifestyles, the urban form, the individual’s living arrangements, the influence of peers and online social networks. The study will build on other studies and provide critical insights into the motivations affecting young persons’ travel behavior and car-ownership aspirations, and will allow researchers and policy-makers to better understand likely future trends in travel demand and the potential responses to policies designed to increase transportation sustainability.