Trade and Transportation Talent Pipeline Blueprints: Building University-Industry Talent Pipelines in Colleges of Continuing and Professional Education

The adoption of transformational technologies in trade and transportation infrastructure and systems is creating a wide range of skills gaps and related workforce development challenges. These transformational technologies, along with economic and cultural shifts, are occurring at such a rate that there is a growing mismatch between workers and the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) for in-demand occupations, which has largely been characterized as a “middle-skills gap.” However, a term like “middle-skills gap” fails to accurately document ways that occupational definitions and expectations are changing in the trade and transportation industry and beyond. This research brief summarizes the project report which proposes Talent Pipeline Management solutions that CSU campuses can facilitate in a transformational skills paradigm—a time in which entrants and incumbents need accelerated training and education to acquire the in-demand KSAs of today’s working standards.