Understanding the Cost Factors Contributing to Final Costs of DC Fast Charger Station Operations and Set-up

This research will develop a framework to understand the cost factors that influence the final costs of setting up and operating DC Fast Charger Stations anywhere in the State of California. The researchers will work with an ongoing Caltrans project that aims to install 49 chargers in 37 remote locations to gather cost data as well as understand and document challenges they face during the project construction and launch phase. The research team also aims to collect data from other sources such as other private charging networks to develop a more general cost model and understand impacts of various cost factors on the final costs of installation. The investigators will examine the location specific value of public DC fast Chargers to BEV drivers and location specific long-term demand/ revenue forecasting for California. The researchers aim to understand how to quantify location specific value for DC Fast chargers and identify optimal locations to support California’s ZEV goals.