zero emission vehicle (ZEV)

Assessing the Potential Impacts of Toll Discounts on Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption

  • Principal Investigator Adam Davis, Ph.D
  • University of California, Davis
In this project, the research team will assess the impacts of discounted express lane tolls on ZEV adoption statewide and specifically in disadvantaged communities and areas where these discounts will have the largest impact. The results of this analysis will be used to propose a discount system that will encourage ZEV adoption but not overly burden express lane infrastructure.
Project Status
In Progress

Capitol Hill Briefing: Policy Insights from Electric Vehicle Markets in the Northeast and California

In this briefing, researchers from the National Center for Sustainable Transportation will share insights from electric vehicle markets in two very different states. Insights on successful incentives, adoption barriers, and policy gaps from these states provide valuable lessons learned for federal efforts to promote a cleaner transportation system.

Discontinuance Among California’s Electric Vehicle Buyers: Why are Some Consumers Abandoning Electric Vehicles?

Research Product Type
Research Report
Discontinuance, the act of abandoning a new technology after once being an adopter, has implications for market growth and could prevent electric vehicles from ever reaching 100% market share. Using results from five surveys of electric vehicle owners, the researchers examine discontinuance among battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle adopters.

Empirical analysis of the role of incentives in zero-emission last-mile deliveries in California

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Associated Publication
This paper evaluates the role of incentives for zero and near-zero emission vehicle (ZEV) technologies in last-mile delivery operations. Specifically, the study investigates the total cost of ownership and life cycle environmental impacts associated with last-mile deliveries, and compares the private and public costs of different vehicle powertrain and fuel pathways, under existing incentives in the State of California.