Transit Workforce Development White Paper - Workforce Implications of Transitioning to Zero Emission Pubic Transit

Building upon the NCST's successful use of white papers to develop research agendas, CSULB will do the same to develop an agenda focused on educational- and policy-driven approaches to sustainable transportation workforce development in the transit sector. The two primary goals for this project are (1) to identify the technology transfer gaps in environmental technology facing the transit industry, and (2) to suggest training strategies to help bridge these gaps.

CSULB has developed a series of questions that will help to identify these technology transfer gaps in environmental technology facing the transit industry. The survey includes both quantitative and qualitative questions, such as the size of the company and how workforce development needs are met at the company. The survey will be deployed to transit operators and education service providers. Concurrently, CSULB will conduct a literature review to evaluate the existing market for zero emission vehicles (specifically, buses), and to determine which technology transfer gaps are already identified and what educational delivery methods already exist. After identifying the technology transfer gaps, the research team will focus on developing strategies for bridging the gaps and provide a discussion of possible educational delivery methods.


Research Area