Simulating Bike-Transit Trips Through BikewaySim and TransitSim

First and last mile (FLM) connectivity has always been a major consideration in public transportation modeling and planning. While there are many models used throughout the US that can simulate walking trips from and to transit, there are few that do the same for bicycles. This research project links Georgia Tech’s newest shortest path calculator, BikewaySim, which is still in development, with the finished shortest path calculator for public transportation, TransitSim. BikewaySim will model bike routing to transit facilities based on physical attributes and safety preferences. TransitSim handles the transit portion of the journey, and it routes users from any origin to destination via the transit path with the lowest travel time. The goal of this project is to join these two models so that for each origin, destination, and departure or arrival time, the shortest path will include bicycle transit access and bicycle travel from the last transit stop to final destination.

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