Managing the Impacts of Freight in California

Managing the Impacts of Freight in California

This research was motivated by new provisions in the 2016 Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which requires states to consider the impact of significant congestion caused by freight. The purpose of this research is to generate recommendations on the most effective strategies for reducing freight related congestion and its impacts. These recommendations will be considered for inclusion in the California Freight Mobility Plan (CFMP) 2019 version to comply with FAST Act requirements. This project identifies and provides the state with comprehensive information on significant congestion caused by freight movements in the two metro areas where most of the state’s freight activity is located, the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions.

The research project consisted of the following tasks:  1) Describe current and expected impacts of freight; 2) review the 2014 California Freight Mobility Plan (CFMP); 3) conduct public outreach to inform stakeholders of the research and recommendations; 4) review and assess mitigation strategies; and 5) provide recommendations for the 2019 CFMP.


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