Examining Market Segmentation to Increase Bike-share Use: The Case of the Greater Sacramento Region

Researchers will leverage unique survey data on travel behavior in the greater Sacramento region before and after the availability of the dockless (free-floating) e-bike-share (and more recently e-scooter-share). This project is an extension of an on-going research project that includes survey data collection; descriptive analysis of a series of variables related to travel, attitudes, health, and equity; multivariable analysis of bike-share mode substitution and vehicle miles of travel (VMT); and the construction of a bike-share travel demand model to evaluate outcomes from changes in policy and regulation of bike-share. Preliminary results suggest that bike-share is likely to result in reductions of car travel and should therefore be considered as an important strategy to meet many local, regional, and state transportation goals. Given these results, this extension will focus on better understanding the market segments for bike-share through multivariable models of the survey data. Market segmentation is an important first step for targeting growth of any service or product. Researchers expect the results to provide clear guidance for local governments and bike-share operators for targeted incentives and marketing to increase bike-share use.

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