Energy and Environmental Impact of Truck-Only Lanes: A Case Study of Interstate 75 between Macon and McDonough, Georgia

Continuous increase in freight truck demand on urban highways has been a challenging issue for transportation planners. The heavy mixture of passenger cars and trucks has caused various serious problems such as traffic congestion, fatal accidents, and emissions. Some special treatments such as truck-only lanes have gained growing interest as one of the potential alternatives that can alleviate the problems. In this context, the Georgia Department of Transportation has recently announced its $2 billion project proposal of creating truck-only lanes along an at least 40-mile stretch of Interstate 75 (I-75) northbound. However, few in-depth studies on this project have been conducted. Thus, this research primarily aims to evaluate the effects of the proposed truck-only lanes on the I-75 corridor with a focus on their environmental impact. A state-of-the-art tool combining microscopic traffic simulation and emission modeling used in this research is expected to provide notable results that help transportation policy-makers make informed decisions on the truck-only lanes.

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