Emissions Factors Derived from Engine Load and Operating Mode Analysis; Marine Source Apportionment of Gaseous and Particulate Emissions

The database of marine emissions data will be utilized to contribute to the development of marine emissions modelling. This work will consist of developing engine load-specific emission factors (EFs) and the comparison between mode-specific and engine load-specific EFs for gaseous and particulate pollutants. This will support a comprehensive analysis of marine emissions to atmospheric pollution in coastal and inland communities. This work will be conducted through on-ship emissions measurements in order to add contemporary data to the database and will rectify gaps in direct emissions and ambient coastal and inland pollutant measurements. Accounting for the evolution of engine technology, marine oil and fuel composition changes, and control methods over time in marine activity. The findings of this work will be applied to sustainable transportation policy in marine as well as other off- and on-road emissions.

Research Area